FMC specialises in six areas and each client receives a tailored offering to perfectly fit their specific requirements.

Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, operations, change management and the creation of the customer centric organisation.

We bring functional expertise and a holistic perspective. We capture value across boundaries and between silos. We help to release the energy in organisations to create the customer centric company.

Our Services

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Strategic Management

Entrepreneurs, executives, and leadership teams are charged with the responsibility of ensuring the future growth and viability of their organization. Their leadership is necessary to identify direction, set goals, determine priorities, quantify growth, build and strengthen core competencies, and craft initiatives that will measurably move the organization to the next level of performance.

FMC’s experience which spans a wide range of industries enables us to design and facilitate a strategic process that suits your culture, planning experience, and desired outcomes.

Project & Programme Management

Enterprise-wide technology projects have become a way of life for organizations. While these projects and programs can bring substantial benefits, if not properly managed, they can have a real negative impact on business performance. 
FMC’s project management team, with high quality skills and experience, can help you manage effectively organization’s project portfolio, enhance your project and program performance and increase the probability of their successful completion.

FMC’s project management services offer an objective, professional approach to managing the many risks associated with the project and programme implementation. FMC uses well established methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, Lean, Kanban, Scrum to name just a few) and leading concepts and practices, which may be applied to various types of projects which involve a business transformation, a complex IT systems initiative, a regulatory compliance or other critical issues.

Project Management Office

We believe efficient Project Delivery needs an effective PMO. It links your business strategy to the projects required to deliver it, and introduces economies of repeatability and best practice to the delivery of projects.

We can assist with the setup and manage the PMO solution, capable of enabling you to articulate and ‘measure’ the progress and performance of your project / programme. We provide services of reviewing, evaluating, and designing a program management office and a framework (covering processes, responsibilities and tools) across the organization to provide control and manage risk.

We help you reduce the risk of program failure by improving practices in change/scope management, issues management, planning, scheduling, resource management, accounting, quality assurance, and communication.

Besides the design, we can staff and assist the PMO with its daily operation and at the same time transfer knowledge to the staff of the organization.

Change Management

Change can be challenging, especially when people within an organization have been using the same processes and systems for many years.  It’s why change management is the most fundamental aspect of an implementation. Without it, most large scale projects are doomed to failure as people cling to old processes and old ways of doing things.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Regulatory compliance requirements have increased substantially, following tighter controls and new legislation. This brings new systems and processes required to implement, manage and monitor compliance across your organisation, alongside the day-to-day running of the business, which increases risk and business pressure.

Whilst this is a challenging outlook for any business, we provide the structure, objectivity and support to enable our clients to meet their regulatory compliance obligations without impacting their ability to continue operations.

Business Process Management

We have found that many organizations have informal business processes that are inefficient and unclear; leading to bottlenecks in work output as well as lower productivity. Employees are unclear about their job responsibilities as well as work procedures. We will help you to pinpoint these inefficiencies and bottlenecks and improve your business processes with tools, training and coaching. In this way, you can evaluate and improve your quality processes and tools to make sure they continue to create value and reduce waste and cost for everyone.

Solutions for tomorrows companies

We work in partnership with our technology suppliers to provide the solution that best meets your needs for today and tomorrow.

Releasing the potential

SAP exists to simplify business processes and enable companies to get the most out of what they do best. When SAP is utilised to its full potential, organisations around the goal can boost productivity, streamline operations, and work together more efficiently. We will help you in maximising value from your investment, keep you constantly on the cutting edge of SAP offerings, and provide you with all the expertise you need to keep your systems operating at full performance.

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